Case Study: A Restaurant Upfit That Went As Planned, Except…

McAlister's Deli New Bern | AMS Contractors, Inc. | Monroe, North Carolina

A brand new building ready for a restaurant upfit and a 17-year relationship with a great owner, plus a company with 24 years of contracting experience and construction during a North Carolina autumn. Sounds like a recipe for a smooth project. But, as with any construction job, there are always gremlins.

This was the case on a project in New Bern, North Carolina. Over the past 17 years, AMS Contractors, Inc. has built numerous McAlister’s Delis as well as other restaurants throughout the Carolinas for their client SD Holdings, LLC

McAlister's Deli New Bern | AMS Contractors, Inc. | Monroe, North Carolina

Working with Angela Odom of Odom Architects, P.C. of Mobile, Alabama—a firm that has designed many restaurants for McAlister’s in the past—the project began in late September. The first order of business was the installation of the specialized plumbing required in food service construction. The building slab had not been placed and the piping was going in as planned. It was then discovered that the plumbing for a grease trap buried outside the building had not been fully installed and connected during initial construction. This was an easy problem to solve for Roy Buttery, AMS Project Superintendent—just some digging, pipe fitting and a new section of concrete sidewalk and the project was back on track.

Then, beyond anyone’s control, Hurricane Matthew made landfall in South Carolina on October 6th, moving up the coast to North Carolina bringing 75 mph winds and devastating flooding. The job superintendent after returning to the project, was trapped the following Friday by rising flood water and what would normally be a 4 hour drive home became an 8 hour adventure.

With all that behind the AMS crews, it was smooth sailing.  AMS Contractors, Inc. had a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy for the New Bern restaurant before Christmas, so staff could begin training and food shipments could be received. 

McAlister's New Bern | AMS Contractors, Inc. | Monroe, North Carolina

January 16th, 2017 was the grand opening of McAlister’s at 2002 South Glenburnie Road in New Bern, North Carolina. More than 100 customers were in line when the doors opened. To show their dedication and commitment to the community, McAlister's donated a portion of the first week’s sales to Autism Speaks.

AMS was pleased to work again with our long-time client, SD Holdings, LLC, to complete this new McAlister's Deli. We thrive on the construction challenges and love to engineer solutions when those pesky gremlins show up.