Creative Collaboration at Fuzzy's Taco Shop

Fuzzy's Taco Shop | AMS Contractors, Inc. | Monroe, North Carolina

Generally, when a franchise restaurant is being built, there are fairly strict guidelines regarding branding, decor, point-of-sale, kitchen equipment and other fixtures that make the particular restaurant brand what it is. These guidelines can also prevent creative thinking that can save building and finishing costs.

When RTHT Investments, LLC purchased the Fuzzy’s Taco Shop concept for the state of North Carolina, the opposite was true. The plans were not as rigid as some, and this allowed RTHT to bring AMS Contractors in to collaborate on areas of the project early, netting real savings in the fit up of the restaurant.

The space chosen for the project had previously been a restaurant in a pedestrian-friendly retail complex. This was an advantage in some respects because the existing electrical and plumbing systems could be utilized, but there were challenges that had to be overcome. Because there was a new bar area being built, new floor drains and sink plumbing had to be worked in, which required opening up the concrete floor and pouring patches once the work was complete. Additionally, the electrical panels needed to be moved and the existing point-of-sale equipment and video entertainment systems had to be integrated into the new arrangement.

Fuzzy's Taco Shop | AMS Contractors, Inc. | Monroe, North Carolina

A significant change in the interior finish resulted in considerable savings. Originally specified was a rather expensive rough-sawn wood that needed to be shipped in from California. The owners and AMS project manager Jeff Griffin decided that rough-sawn oak from Oklahoma could be employed as a substitute product which saved about 70% on the wall finish material and shipping costs. Other recycled materials used were the bottles forming the chandeliers in the dining room. Completing the industrial feel of the interior are the exposed galvanized ducts and open ceiling trusses.

Thanks to the expertise of AMS, the permitting process moved along smoothly and did not cause any delays in the work schedule. In fact, the owners were granted a temporary certificate of occupancy to begin employee training on the agreed-upon completion date of April 10th which was just 4 months from the start date.

Fuzzy's Taco Shop | AMS Contractors, Inc. | Monroe, North Carolina

RTHT Investments, LLC and AMS Contractors have a long-standing relationship and have collaborated on other restaurant franchise projects. Nor is this project a one-off deal. RTHT has chosen AMS Contractors to fit up two more Fuzzy’s Taco Shop projects.

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