Our Handshake…The Real Contract

Restaurant Construction | AMS Contractors, Inc. | Monroe, North Carolina

Remember when all it took to close a deal was a handshake?

You told us what your building needs and budget were, we figured out how to meet your needs and how much it would cost; an agreement was reached and we sealed the deal with a handshake.

In today’s often adversarial construction business, filled with change orders, detailed contracts, lawyers, etc., we still consider a handshake our word to you that we are fully committed to bringing your project in on time, within budget and at the highest level of quality achievable. This is the only way we know how to do business. We want to work one-on-one with you to discuss the issues facing your growing business and to develop realistic solutions as a team.

When it comes to accomplishing great things, few of us can do it alone. Eventually, we must all put our trust in someone else to help us get what we want. You can’t build a business by yourself—you need a great team that you can trust to support you and help you carry out your dreams. When your business has grown to the point where your present facility doesn’t work any more, you need to put your trust in someone to help you design and build that new building or new addition.

If you ask your lawyer, he will tell you that you need to draw up a very tight agreement to protect you from the risk and to “hold their feet to the fire” or “make them toe the line!” Unfortunately, no agreement in the world will fully protect you from someone who is dishonest or unethical in their business dealings.

We are all better off dealing with people in whom we have confidence in their ability to perform and in whom we can confidently put our faith and trust. Select someone who wants a true win-win relationship so that both of you can achieve your objectives and enhance your reputations by working together. Choose someone as if the only agreement between you was going to be a handshake.

If you are considering doing business with AMS Contractors, check us out. Talk to our past customers. Ask about our reputation in the business community in general and in the subcontractor community in particular. Good subcontractors won’t work for someone who treats them unfairly or takes advantage of them. The more you ask around, the more confidence you will develop that AMS is the kind of company with whom you want to do business.

When we undertake a project with you, we want to be your partner. Together, we can accomplish great things. Let’s seal our deal with a handshake, reflecting our trust and commitment to each other. Let the paperwork be only a record of what we agreed upon for posterity. We know that the real deal is the commitment we share when we agree to do business together.