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5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Commercial Contractor

Like so many complex problems, knowing the right questions to ask can make difficult decisions easier. This is especially true with commercial construction, where bottom lines are large and the complications of site acquisition, permitting, inspections and approvals can delay completion of a project. Having the right contractor can make all the difference when considering the importance of the investment. 

5 Important Questions We Ask Franchisees

If you have been following our blog (and we hope you have) you will have seen a recent post about questions you should ask before hiring a contractor. This time around, we are turning the tables and asking our potential clients these questions.

In our experience, franchisees that call us may have much of the initial groundwork completed, such as sealed plans and a site chosen. The questions below come from the conversations we have had with restauranteurs who are ready to choose a contractor and begin building. These questions enable us to understand where the potential client is in the construction process, so we can best tailor our advice to meet their needs.

Make It Or Break It: 10 Restaurant Design Points To Consider

Just as in most other industries, technology is rapidly changing food service. Consumer tastes are also evolving, dictating new menu items, preparation techniques, and equipment. If you are dreaming of opening a restaurant there are many considerations that need to be addressed to prevent your dream turning onto a nightmare. This is where experienced professionals can help guide the prospective restaurant owner through to a successful opening.

Here’s How New Food Choices Are Changing Restaurant Design

Over the past few years there has been a shift in customer preferences to healthier, locally-sourced food in not only the higher-end restaurant market, but in the fast casual category as well. Customers want to see how their food is being prepared and what ingredients are being used.

This has created a trend toward open kitchens and front-of-house food prep which dictates kitchen design and the use of visually appealing culinary equipment. Food preparation is becoming theater for diners and kitchen design can help enhance the customer experience.